Mobdro on FireStick – Easy installation guide

You can even enjoy this video streaming service on your Amazon applications. Learn how to install Mobdro on FireStick in these easy to understand steps to follow.

Amazon Fire TV 4K

The Amazon Fire TV 4K, also known as Amazon FireStick is one of the best streaming media sticks available. You’ll be able to watch a ton of different channels straight from your big screen television. This includes Disney+, Apple TV+, IMDB TV, and yes, even Mobdro.


With over 500,000 preset movies and TV episodes available, there are still some channels and videos that aren’t available default for this stick. So, it’s even better to have the Mobdro download FireStick file available.

How to Install Mobdro on FireStick

Allow Unknown Sources on FireStick TV

The first step to downloading and installing Mobdro fireStick is to allow Unknown sources to make changes to your stick. This is done through a few easy steps. Just follow these instructions and you’ll have the process done within a few seconds, one-minute maximum.

  1. First of all, you will need to open up your Fire TV and go straight to your Settings This can be found on the top of your screen in the menu
  2. Next, when you’ve entered the Settings Menu, scroll towards the right and locate My Fire TV. From this point, you will see the Developer Options openly available. Go here.
  3. Now, you’re able to edit Apps from Unknown Sources. Toggle this option “ON” and you’ll be able to download and install various apps to your FireStick. Of course, these apps will include Mobdro. You will be prompted whethe or not you want to turn this option on. Just follow through and make sure it really Is on before proceeding to the next step.

Now that this option has been turned on, you can head over to the next step. This will explain where to locate, download, and install the Mobdro APK on FireStick.

Find the Mobdro FireStick APK

Next, let’s grab the actual APK file needed begin your streaming. These steps take a little longer than allowing unknown Sources. However, the process is still pretty simple. There aren’t any complex aspects that’ll need any research of technical understandings. Anyone can still follow along and have Mobdro by the end of this article.

Make sure to have the Downloader App already on your stick. If you don’t have this sideloader app already, it’s easy to obtain. Since Downloader is already a part of the Amazon Store, you can locate and install this app by simply searching for it from your home-screen. You can find the search bar on the top left side of your home-screen menu.

Once you have Downloader installed, next is Mobdro…

  1. First, open up your Downloader. On the right side of your main-screen, you will find a field for entering source URLs. Here you will need to type in the Mobdro URL for FireStick. This is :

  2. Then, select on the GO option once you are ready to continue.
  3. This won’t take you to any link or address. Instead, the Downloader App will instantly begin installing Mobdro to your device. After downloading the file, there will be a prompt to execute the installation process. Just hit the Next button on the botton right of this screen. The option to Install will now be displayed on the bottom right. Just tap this again and your app will begin to install.mobdro-download-firestick
  4. There’s nothing else to do besides sit back and relax. Wait for the installation process to finish, before continuing to the next step.

That’s all you need to know. Once the installation is complete, you can proceed to the Mobdro App and begin your streaming. However, if you want to make more room on your stick, you can actually delete the file for Mobdro, while simultaneously still keeping the application available.

There will be an option to Delete the file after the installation is complete. So, you can go ahead and select this option. It doesn’t make a difference or affect the quality of the app. All this does for you is make a little extra space on your device.

Accessing Mobdro on FireStick

Now that you’ve successfully installed the application to your device, you’ll just need to open it up. Head over to your Home-Screen Shortcuts by selecting and holding onto the Home button on your stick remote. This will display a screen similar to what we’ve displayed below. Just select on your Apps to head over onto your entire list of applications.


You can find Mobdro all the way on the bottom of this list, since it was the last app to be installed on your stick. If you want to move this to the top of your list, making directly available through the home-screen, just press on Home. Then select the option to Move to Front.


Finally, you’ll be all set with everything that’s necessary and convenient for you to start watching all of your favorite movies, TV series, and channels directly from your Amazon Fire TV 4K stick.


We hope that you’ve found this section useful in understanding exactly how to install Mobdro on FireStick. Of course, it’s better to enjoy this type of an application on the biggest screen possible. Additionally, you want the absolute best quality for streaming, which can be provided through Fire TV. Luckily, all the tools you need to make this happen are already likely to be present. All you need is an Amazon Fire TV stick and a few minutes of patience.

Ultimately, anyone can enjoy all of the different channels provided by Modbro on multiple devices. This just happens to be one of the better ways to do it.

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