Mobdro Not Working on Multiple Devices?

Is Mobdro not working for you? We can explain how to resolve the problems and get the application up and running again in no time.

Mobdro Not Working?

Were you just about to enjoy another episode of your favorite Television series? Or maybe a new anticipated movie has been released, so you make your way home to watch it. Then all of a sudden, you find Mobdro not working on your device? What do you do now?

mobdro not working

Well, there may be a few issues going on here. But the most common would be from an outdated application. Thus, there is a quick fix for everyone who wants to get the app working again.

Solution When Mobdro Not Working on Android

First of all, we will go over what to do for your Android mobile device. No worries, just as easily as you installed the application, you can do the same to fix any issues.

So, to get started, let’s make sure we have an internet connection. This is because we will need to go online. Head to your browser and check for any of the latest versions of the Mobdro APK. Once you have located the recent update, go ahead and download this file onto your device.

Following this step, uninstall your current Mobdro application and completely remove your old file from your device. This will make room for the newest update, ensuring you are in fact installing the latest version.

If Your Mobdro Not Working On FireStick

Next, is the Amazon stick device for your television. If this one is not working, you will need to restart the entire download and installation process from scratch. Like before, you will need to uninstall Mobdro from your Fire TV. Most likely, if you’ve followed our “how to install Mobdro on FireStick”, then you would have already deleted the source file.

mobdro not working on firestick

You can refer to that page and learn how to reinstall the application. Otherwise, just head to your Downloader App and look up in the URL section. This will have you download the Mobdro application and begin installation again. Go ahead and delete the file once the installation process is completed, like before.

After all of this, you should be able to access the application again. There should not be any issues when trying to watch you videos now.

Mobdro Not Working on WiFi?

Here is another issue altogether. If the Mobdro application is not running properly or won’t start, it may not be the version. In fact, there may just be an issue with your own internet.

mobdro not working on wifi

There are a couple of reasons why this may occur:

  1. Your internet connection is very poor, thus unable to run the application.

Solution: To fix this this issue, you will need to manage your own internet connection. As long as your WiFi quality is low, you may not be able to run the application on your devices. Likewise, you might want to shut off any other devices that are consuming internet.

  1. There is a problem with your IP address. Modbro might be blocking your own IP from its servers.

Solution: There is one solution to this issue. Download and install a VPN for your device. This will allow you to go completely incognito and use a VPN server to bypass any issues with IP. There are various VPN applications that can be used in order to fix this issue…

mobdro channels not working

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • SurfsShark
  • CyberGhost
  • Private Internet Access

All of these different VPN applications are available and spread across various devices.

All-in-all, there shouldn’t be any other problems when running Mobdro for your devices. Although, if you still cannot run the application, there may be a completely unrelated issue. At this point, we would recommend contacting the support team of Mobdro at their main website at:

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